(New York, NY)—Today, following a wave of protest actions throughout the day, thousands of immigrants and working class New Yorkers participated in a major May Day rally and concert at Foley Square calling for an end to Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrant, refugee and Muslim communities. New Yorkers united their voices to demand respect and dignity for immigrant communities, as well as good jobs and the right to organize.

The rally and musical celebration, called “Rise Up: Immigrant Rights and Workers’ Rights,” was one of the largest May Day mobilizations in the country, organized by a coalition of immigrant rights groups, labor, faith and allied organizations part of The New York May Day coalition, coming together to say in one voice: we stand together and we resist together.

Jose Maldonado, Secretary Treasurer, UNITE HERE! Local 100, said “International Workers Day, is an international movement and has been building for decades. All workers regardless of status must be protected by labor, employment, health & safety laws.”

The rally in celebration of International Workers’ Day also featured musical performers representing the diverse communities of New York City and people directly impacted by Trump’s bigoted anti-immigrant and anti-worker policies. It concluded a day full of events across the city and state, including protests, know your rights trainings, and teach-ins.

Gerard Cerda, Vendor, Madison Square Garden, said “We will not be divided. We’re building a movement to empower immigrants & all workers to achieve greater equality & opportunity.