Aramark workers took a big step on June 1st, 2017. UNITE HERE! Local 100 met for the 1st time with Aramark to negotiate a Master contract for New York and Northern New Jersey. Fifty nine committee members representing 15 different shops were present.

Members on the bargaining team cited the importance of a Master contract.

“I’ve been with Local 100 for 17 years and having one contract for all Aramark locations will be a great improvement and benefit us all” Betty Montano, Cashier, Aramark at Bank of NY.

“I am confident my coworkers and I will get the benefits we deserve and without my union this would not be possible” Cheryl Brathwaite, Cashier, 4 NY Plaza

Lets continue to mobilize our members for a good Master contract.

Si se puede!

Yes we can!