Nine Local 100 members lost their jobs on August 12 when their previous employer lost the account.

Their new contractor, “Virtual Hospitality Group”, declined to hire these employees, the Union members organized a Boycott at the cafeteria to stand up for their rights and win their jobs back. The workers picket every weekday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Local 100 filed charges against company with the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB).

Baker’s Union Boycott of Mondelez/Nabisco

Currently the Baker’s Union is engaged in a monumental fight with Mondelez International, the $30 billion parent corporation of Nabisco and maker of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Ritz Crackers and other iconic snack foods.  At the heart of this fight is the preservation of good, middle-class union jobs in this country.

In July, 2015, Mondelez announced it intended to lay off more than 600 workers at its Chicago Nabisco Bakery and send those jobs to its new state of the art bakery in Salinas Mexico.Nabisco600Flier 2