Sussie Lozada is the first Women elected as Secretary Treasurer for Unite Here Local 100 and former Political Director, UNITEHERE Local 100, Founder of Women for History and Women Organizing Neighborhood, former Director of the New York Civic Participation Project. She was born in the Dominican Republic. She is well-known as an activist in her native country and in New York City. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees; Political Science and Behavioral Science. As an organizer, Sussie has been involved in winning many important campaign victories. The most recent victories include: The Healthy Terminal Act in NY and NJ, Worker Retention Law for Food Service Workers, Increase of $19 Minimum wage for all airport workers including Airline Catering, $15 Minimum Wage in NYS, $ 10.10 Minimum Wage for JFK, La Guardia and Newark airport’s Concession workers, and Minimum wages for tipped employees in NYS. As an immigrant, feminist, single mother, and Latina Muslim, she strongly believes in social justice and the rights of women, immigrants, and workers.