Thank you!

A message from the UNITE HERE Local 100 members working at New School;

To the students, academic student workers, faculty, members of other  unions, and staff in the New School community;

Thank you very much for your help in the campaign to save our jobs, seniority, wages and benefits. We won because of your concern and active support, and we look forward to returning to the cafeteria and working with all of you as soon as possible.


On May 7th, UNITE HERE Local 100 and members met with the New School. The New School and Local 100 signed an agreement that provides for the following:

  • The New School will employ all of the UNITE HERE Local 100 represented employees currently employed by Chartwells at the New School and will respect seniority based on the dates of hire with Chartwells at the New School.
  • The employees will receive pay equal to or better than their existing pay as an employee at Chartwells.
  • If workers chose to take positions outside the cafeteria, they will still receive pay equal to or better than their existing pay as an employee at Chartwells
  • The workers will be reimbursed for any wage payments or benefits contributions affected by closure of the cafeteria since May 1, 2018.
  • The New School and Local 100 will begin negotiations in good faith on a new contract.
  • In that contract, the New School commits to providing a benefits package that is comparable to if not superior to their current benefits package, including:
    • Comprehensive family health coverage
    • Retirement and leave (Sick, vacation, unemployment)
    • Tuition waivers
  • If negotiations extend beyond July 1, 2018, the New School has requested Chartwells to extend their contract to allow for workers’ wages and benefits to remain stable during negotiations.