Contact information for your health insurance providers

    275 7th Ave, Ste. 1504,
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 957-9241
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
    Find a network doctor or dentist
    (866) 261-2676
  • EmblemHealth (GHI Dental) Find a network dental provider
    (212) 501-4444
    Out of NY Area:
    (800) 624-2414
  • “NEW”Hospitality Rx (Formerly Catamaran)
    Find a network pharmacy, get a new card, find out what drugs are covered, sign up for mail order, diabetic supplies, prior authorization for specialty drugs and specialty mail order prescriptions.
    (844) 813-3860
  • Davis Vision
    Find a network doctor
    or routine vision care
    (800) 999-5431
  • “NEW” Doctor on Demand With Doctor on Demand Online, you have a doctor by your side 24/7. Doctor on Demand lets you talk face-to-face with a doctor through your mobile device or a computer with a webcam.*Note: You will be charged a $10 copay instead of a $50 charge as mentioned in the video.

You should contact Unite Here Health if you have questions about your benefits, your eligibility, or would like to add anyone to your plan.

You can also use the Unite Here Health Member Portal to check your current benefit eligibility, as well as your reported work history (hours).

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