Proposed bylaws changes to delete “initiation fees” from Article 11, Sections 1 and 2, and “Initiation Fee $50.00” from Schedule A, Monthly dues


Section 1.  Initiation fees and monthly dues. The initiation fees and monthly dues which are in effect (as outlined in the attached Schedule “A”) shall remain in effect and shall not be further increased except by appropriate action of the membership and/or the International Union. Dues are payable on the first day of each month.

Section 2. Per Event Dues

Individuals employed in event-driven venues may pay a “per event” or weekly sum of a fixed dollar amount, as set forth in Schedule B to these Bylaws. Such amounts, which shall be referred to as “per event dues”, shall be the full amount of dues required for membership, provided that the individual works at least one event in the month. In months when the individual does not work at all, dues shall be the same amount that members employed in New York City cafeterias pay for one month. If  Local 100 organizes a new event-driven venue, per event dues shall be established for that venue and added to Schedule B.

Individuals eligible to pay per event dues shall pay either monthly dues in the same amount that members employed in New York City cafeterias pay for one month or per event dues, as  the individual chooses, provided that the choice must be made in writing and is binding and may not be changed except in writing in the period 10 days before each anniversary date of the original choice. Unless an individual eligible to pay per event dues makes a choice in writing to pay regular dues, the individual shall pay per event dues.

Individuals eligible to pay per event dues shall also be charged the same initiation fee as all other members.

Section 3.  Any member being two calendar months in arrears for the payment of any dues or fines shall be considered automatically suspended. The provisions of Article 10 of these bylaws shall not apply to such suspension.

Section 4.  Reinstatement to membership in this Local Union shall be made in accordance with the procedure set forth in the International Constitution.

Section 5.  It shall be mandatory for members of this Local to deposit their traveling card with the Local Union having jurisdiction before accepting employment. Any member violating the foregoing provision is subject to the provisions of Article 14, Section 5 of the International Constitution.

“Passed at the November 21, 2023 Executive Board meeting and read aloud at the January 23, 2024 Membership meetings. To be read again and voted on at the April 30, 2024 Membership meetings.”