History has been made! The City Council votes 48 to 3 to pass UNITEHERE! Local 100’s Worker Retention Bill. Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, lead sponsor of the Food Service Workers Retention Act, joined by dozens of food service workers from across New York City celebrated the passage of the new bill. This bill requires a 90-day retention period for food service workers when an owner or operator terminates a food service contract for a corporate cafeteria, arena, cultural institution, etc. The new food service contractor is then required to evaluate such workers after the retention period and, if deemed satisfactory, shall retain such workers.

“This is a victory for all food service workers also those not covered by the union and offers employers the opportunity to hire an experienced work force” Jose Maldonado Secretary Treasurer UNITEHERE! Local 100.

This bill benefits so many hardworking men and women working in the food service industry, along with the families who depend on these jobs to make a living. The Worker Retention Bill will help food service workers avoid the instability after the transition of ownership. Thus, giving these workers the opportunity to plan ahead or stay after an evaluation process by their new employer.

“Job security is a major factor for me and this bill is great for working people. It’s good to know that people can expect that throughout the city.” Andrew Larrier Vendor at Madison Square Garden.

For video of the event click here and click here