911, 9/11, 9.11, twin towers

Remembering our brothers, sisters and all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. 43 members of UNITEHERE! Local 100 died while working at Windows on the World, a restaurant located at the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Also, in remembrance of Wilfredo Mercado who lost his life on the first attack on February, 26th, 1993.

Today there are military jets flying high above,
Protecting our freedom and the land we love,
Take some time and say a prayer to remember,
That most horrific day in September,
So many loves ones lost and perished,
God, please give strength to the families they cherished,
For all the people who died, and those I have never met,
I pray you know that we will “Never Forget”.

____________________________________By Anna

We will never forget:

  • Sophia Buruwa Addo
  • Shabbir Ahmed
  • Antonio J. Alvarez
  • Telmo Alvear
  • Manuel O. Asitimbay
  • Samuel Ayala
  • Ivhan Luis Carpio Bautista
  • Jesus Cabezas
  • Manuel Gregorio Chavez
  • Mohammed S. Chowdhury
  • Jose De Pena
  • Nancy Diaz
  • Henry Fernandez
  • Lucille Virgen Francis
  • Enrique A. Gomez
  • Jose B. Gomez
  • Wilder Gomez
  • Ysidro Hidalgo Tejada
  • John Holland
  • Francois Jean-Pierre
  • Eliezer Jimenez Jr.
  • Abdoulaye Kone
  • Victor Kwarkye
  • Jeffrey Latouche
  • Lebardo Lopez
  • Jan Maciejewski
  • Manuel Mejia
  • Antonio Melendez
  • Nana Akwasi Minkah
  • Martin Morales
  • Blanca Morocho
  • Jerome Nedd
  • Juan Nieves Jr.
  • Jose R. Nunez
  • Isidro Ottenwalder
  • Jesus Ovalles
  • Victor Paz Gutierrez
  • Alejo Perez
  • Moises Rivas
  • David B. Rodriguez Vargas
  • Gilbert Ruiz
  • Juan Salas
  • Abdoul Karim Traore
  • Wilfredo Mercado