Marriott’s Dirty Choice: How “Your Choice” Harms Housekeepers

Opting out of housekeeping for incentives?

A Dirty and Difficult Choice!

Marriott rewards guests for a choice that harms housekeepers.

In this new report about programs that encourage guests to decline housekeeping services in exchange for reward points, housekeepers detail how these programs leave hotel rooms filled with days of filth, expose housekeepers to injury and pain, and destroy their jobs.

Marriot hotels have programs that encourage guests to turn away housekeeping services for rewards such as vouchers and loyalty points claiming that skipping everyday cleaning is good for the environment. But what Marriot and hotels owners are really helping is their budget, not the Earth.

When a guest declines housekeeping services, the hotel isn’t just saving the supplies and water. The hotel’s owner are saving money by not paying the housekeeper to work for that time, too. What’s worse? Dirt, trash and even mold still accumulate, meaning that the housekeeping staff will have to work harder, and use more chemical cleaners, to get the room prepared in the same amount of time that they will have to clean the room after you check out and this is  costing workers income — more than you are saving the planet.