First Union Member to become a U.S citizen

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Secretary-Treasurer Jose Maldonado and UNITEHERE! Local 100 congratulates Jose Toledo on becoming the first union member to become a U.S citizen. Mr. Toledo has been an employee of the United Nations for over 13 years and now the first UNITEHERE Local 100 member to become a US Citizen through the Union Citizenship Program.

After the citizenship ceremony Mr. Toledo said “I came to this country 22 years ago as a legal resident but it wasn’t until my Union brought the citizenship program to our shop that I decided to apply. I love my Union, my daughter who is a minor got citizenship though me. I want to thank my Union because now, I have the right to vote. I’m proud of my Union for fighting for our benefits and bringing programs like the citizenship program to benefit us and our families”.

Members and family members from over 35 shops applied for citizenship and Mr. Toledo is the first of many more to come.