Levy workers at Barclays secure tentative agreement for new union contract with $25 minimum wage

If ratified, new contract will give more Levy workers at Barclays health insurance

Brooklyn, NY – Food and beverage workers at Barclays Center have a new tentative agreement with their employer, Levy, averting a planned strike authorization vote. If ratified by membership vote, Levy workers will receive raises between $5-$11.20 an hour. By the end of the contract, the lowest paid worker will earn a wage of $25 an hour.

More Levy workers at Barclays will qualify for health insurance. In addition, concessions workers will now be able to receive tips. Workers also won additional employer-contributions to their pension, a new 401k with an employer match, and the ability to work at other Levy-operated properties. The contract will be in effect until 2027.

Watch and download a video announcement of tentative agreement details here.

“I’m so happy about this tentative agreement. It will raise the standards for us in all classifications at Barclays. I’ll actually have health insurance through the job I’ve worked since day one!” said Lashawn Saunders, a Levy concessions stand lead at Barclays Center.

“Levy saw that our members were serious about what they were fighting for. We got the things we needed at the bargaining table: real raises, a way for more of our members to get health insurance from Levy, and a lot more. Once again, this contract builds on the high standard Local 100 has set for stadium workers in New York and New Jersey,” said UNITE HERE Local 100 President José Maldonado.

Levy workers at Barclays Center are members of UNITE HERE Local 100, New York City’s largest food workers union. UNITE HERE Local 100 also represents food and beverage workers at Madison Square Garden, among other New York and New Jersey stadiums and arenas.

A joint statement from UNITE HERE Local 100 and Levy:

“UNITE HERE Local 100 and Levy have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for Barclays Center team members that will deliver wage increases, expanded access to health insurance, and investment in training facilities and programs. We are all proud to reach a deal that shows team members how much they are valued. Union membership will vote to ratify the agreement in the coming days.”

The Chief: Union workers rally in support of Fed cafeteria workers

To a Brother, a Mentor and a Legend and by far the toughest Labor Leader I’ve ever met

—From President Jose Maldonado, Secretary Treasurer Sussie Lozada, and Former President Bill Granfield

Henry Tamarin died on August 26 after a long fight against cancer. He was 77.

Henry was a Union organizer, negotiator, strategist, teacher and officer for HERE and UNITE HERE since 1970, when he started as a volunteer in New Haven. He first joined the Union staff there in 1973. Henry lived in New York City and worked with Local 100 from 1992 through 2001. It is hard to describe all that Henry accomplished during those 10 years with Local 100, but here are some examples. On arriving, he succeeded Vincent Sirabella as Trustee of the Local, and first concentrated on negotiating dozens of expired contracts, rebuilding the shop steward structure and developing a full time staff.

In 1993 Henry turned his attention to the health insurance plan and was able to add dependent coverage, speed up payment of claims, increase the number of doctors and hospitals in the network, improve the benefits and help build the New York Fund office staff to assist members. These changes required much higher health insurance contributions from the companies, and Henry built working relationships with numerous employers that put the Fund on a solid foundation. But some strikes were required, and Henry didn’t hesitate to lead members to the street and to fight long and hard to protect and improve their Union contracts. His toughest strike was at the Box Tree, which lasted 4 years, one month and 17 days before resulting in a good Union contract with family medical coverage in January 1998.

In 1994 Henry worked with the Federal monitor and the International Union’s Public Review Board to guide Local 100 out of Trusteeship and through an election of officers, where he was voted President. He then focused on long term projects such as improving the Pension plan, negotiating a Restaurant Council agreement, preparing to organize new members and starting to engage the Local in political action. But his priority always was building the Union staff for the future. He was a trainer, a driver, a mentor, a good friend, a severe critic, a comic and a person who bought a round for the team after a solid week of work.

As the staff team came together, the Local stabilized and began to organize new members and grow, and Henry was asked to serve as Trustee in Local 69, representing members in the Meadowlands and North Jersey hotels, who eventually voted to merge with Local 100. After being re-elected President in 1997 and 2000, Henry transitioned to Local 1 in Chicago, and moved there full time in 2002.
He continued to support the members of Local 100 as a Trustee in both the Health and Pension Funds until his retirement, when he moved back to New York. The last few years he has been a volunteer again, serving as counselor to the new generation of leaders in Local 100, as well as an activist, joining on bus trips to rallies and being arrested in civil disobedience actions at JFK Terminal 8 in November 2019 and February 2020.

Local 100 members who worked with Henry remember his fighting spirit, his personal warmth and his humor. Members who didn’t meet him should know Henry Tamarin built the foundation and trained the staff of the Union you belong to today.

Bill Granfield Retirement Celebration

Bill Granfield Retirement Event

Bill Granfield and his wife Maria Luisa Granfield

Former International Union President John Wilhelm, Paul Schwalb, Former Local 100 President Henry Tamarin, Retiring former President Bill Granfield and Warren Heyman

Rafael Lugo, Gabriel Alfredo, Floridalma Mayen, Eudocio Almonte and Maria Gomez

Henry Tamarin, Bill Granfield, Former Local 100 Presidents, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Local 100 President Jose Maldonado


Local 100 President Jose Maldonado, Bill Granfield, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Maria Luisa Granfield and Sussie Lozada

Member Josefina Corniel, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Executive Board member Gloria Harris


Local 274 President Rosslyn Wuchinich, John Wilhelm, Mayor Bill de Blasio, organizer Jaime Avila, Executive Board member Maria Gomez


Member Juan Aquino, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Organizer Delivrary Charles


Retiring former President Bill Granfield with a proclamation from Mbp Gale Brewer declaring November 20th as Bill Granfield Day.